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Premium Class Bearings For More Posibilities

Motion Engineering Ltd was started in 1999 as a trader by the name of Shah paran Trading with the objective of supplying and distributing the product in the industrial sector as an industrial solution with top-class quality. We import the high-quality product to reach out to clients’ requirements and build a strong relationship with them.

We have persevered with this objective and Motion Engineering Ltd is now regarded as an expert in the distribution. With profound experiences and competitive prices, we have won a great claim at home and abroad and we are intended to explore a wider market across the world.

Motion Engineering develops and produces customised rolling bearing solutions of the highest quality with a wide range of standard bearings.

Quality has only one alternative: QUALITY

By using advanced testing and measuring equipment and a rigorous quality policy, we guarantee that every rolling bearing delivered meets the highest quality standards.

On-site support - WORLDWIDE

More than 240 trading partners in over 60 countries guarantee our customers rapid availability, short delivery routes and direct support.

Sustainable growth for generations

We are constantly striving to minimize the environmental impact in all areas of the company in order to leave future generations not only our know-how, but also a healthy environment.

Progress before perfection

What matters is that we strive every day to be better than yesterday. We do not let ourselves be guided by the fear of making mistakes, but actively take on every challenge.


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