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Reduce maintenance costs with robust quality chains

Mean-time-between-failures (MTBF) is an important measure of reliability, and is critical in power transmission systems. Robust chain drives extend mean-time-between-failures, which reduces maintenance costs.
Some chain systems are of inferior quality, having low wear resistance and little ability to withstand harsh conditions such as temperature variation and shock loading.
Our wide variety of chains include many high-performance variants, and are often specified when other products fail. One of our customers – a foundry in India – found that locally made chains wore out very quickly. Using our roller chains, they cut downtime and maintenance costs by 40%.
All our chains undergo strict quality control from monitoring the raw material used in individual components, to testing the finished products. Chain drive calculators, power rating tables and expertise from our engineers help you to specify a chain correctly.
You can browse and specify products by clicking the ‘Online Catalogue’ button, then choosing a product from the drop-down menu.